My Tried And Tested Arbitrage Ebay Strategies

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Published: 26th January 2011
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In doing my own eBay arbitrage deals, and while I've been researching other traders methods, I've found that they can be condensed into the following top strategies:

Find auction titles with incorrect spellings. There are lots of these on eBay. There is nospellchecker included on eBay. eBay's current search engine for eBay does spot some of the problems but by no means all. Misspellings are still a excellent source of eBay arbitrage profit.

Use to find these misspellings. It's free and is the best source for this type of eBay arbitrage.

Missing information can also be lucrative. This is a common mistake made even by experienced eBay sellers. They're rarer than misspellings but can be more lucrative, especially on high ticket items. Here's how to find them.

Go to Advanced Search, enter the item that you are searching for in the search box then tick the box named Completed Listings Only.

This is an example of missing information. A 32 GB iPod Touch is offered - only 32 GB is missing from the title. If someone is looking especially for a 32 GB model they may miss the advert, especially when there are hundreds of similar iPod ads all listed at the same time. As a result there will probably be lower bids and less bids. This presents real bargain opportunities for you.

Now think of a niche that you are interested in. How you could apply the above criteria and make money from it? There are many niches that are potentially lucrative if you apply the same search criteria.

Observe auction end times. Listings ending the morning of a working day usually sell for lower prices than auctions that end within the evening when more people are at home than at work. is a good source for items ending in the very early morning because lots of overseas sellers from different time zones use and forget about the time difference. Some eBayers keep relisting and making this mistake, so add them to your Favourite Sellers list.

Bid early on poorly listed auctions with a low start price. Once you have bidded the seller can't alter the title.

I recommend a low cost snipe tool like the one from to make your final bid a few seconds before auction end.

Try using these top five strategies, because I guarantee that they work if you use them properly. Find out more in my multimedia package The eBay Auction Arbitrage Secret.

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